Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CraftGeer Mason Jars Now as Low as $4.00 each

Let's face it, there is no piece of glassware that batter captures the essence of Summer better than the CraftGeer Mason Jar. Now that Summer is coming to a close, we want to start making room for the next piece of CraftGeer craft beer glassware we'll be introducing this holiday season.

That's why we're now offering our CraftGeer Mason Jars, in teal and orange, for only $4.50 each (and only $4.00 each when you buy four or more). The CraftGeer Mason Jar is a seasonal favorite and when this year's versions are gone, they're gone for good.

Get your CraftGeer Mason Jar now while supplies last at CraftGeer.com.

CraftGeer Snapback Hats Now 20% Off Regular Price

Drink Local. Stay Fresh.

Since CraftGeer.com launched, that has been our mantra. These CraftGeer Snapback Hats in Heather Grey from Yupoong take those words to the next level.

The early 90's style script, reminiscent of NFL old corduroy hats so popular around 1990, is in two hot colors; neon blue and neon pink along with the CraftGeer, hops and crossbones logo in white.

These two styles, and all of our CraftGeer Snapback hats are now only $16.00 each (regular price $20.00 each).

Trust us, these CraftGeer Snapback Hats by Yupoong will get you noticed on your next trip to your local craft brewery, brewpub or bottle shop; and more importantly, they'll let everyone who notices know, you're all about drinking local and staying fresh.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

CraftGeer to Participate in 2014 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival

It's official, New Jersey's own craft-beer-centric and proper glassware company, CraftGeer will be at the 2014 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival.

The 2014 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival will be held Friday, April 4th and Saturday, April 5th at the Atlantic City Convention Hall.

"We're very excited to be a part of the AC (Atlantic City) Beer Fest," said Joe Simonovich, co-founder of CraftGeer. "We're a New Jersey company, and it's the biggest New Jersey beer event of the year - we really wanted to be there."

This year's Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival expects to welcome more than 24,000 beer lovers to the Garden State for three sessions. The festival will feature 125 brewers, 460 beers, nine bands, 10 pop-up restaurants, 104 vendors, six seminars and eight cooking demos.

The Atlantic City Beer Festival was founded in March 2006 by Good Time Tricycle, a local events and production company. In the first year, the fest welcomed just under 5,000 attendees over two days. The event tripled it's attendance by 2010 when they saw more than 17,000 attendees, making it one of the largest beer festivals in the United States.

CraftGeer will be offering their full line of apparel and glassware at the Atlantic City Beer Fest, plus a few new items especially for the event.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks and months for more announcements about upcoming events where you'll be able to find CraftGeer, and some more special announcements about CraftGeer at the 2014 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival.

Until then, check out this preview video for the 2014 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival with the event's founder, Jon Henderson (Jon's passion is truly infectious):

Tickets for the event are available exclusively through Ticketmaster.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

JERSEY (RE)FRESH: Kane Brewing Company's New Look

Okay, so yes, CraftGeer is an apparel and glassware company specifically for the craft-beer-loving community; but if we weren't actually passionate members of that craft-beer-loving community ourselves, we'd be nothing more than frauds - right?

So today's marriage of two things that I have passion for (NJ Craft Beer and branding), it inspired a CraftGeer Blog blog post which has little or nothing to actually do with CraftGeer or CraftGeer.com.

So when I saw this tweet today,

it was needless to say that even before clicking the link, I had preconceived ideas of the direction that Kane Brewing would be moving towards with the new logo. My gut told me that they would be making a move to further remove the brand from everything that is great right now in the craft beer community. My gut told me they would be moving to establish the look and feel of an "ultra-premium brand." Now don't get me wrong, everything coming out of the tanks in Ocean County is screaming for the craft beer world to pay attention to Kane, but in the three seconds that it took to load the Facebook post where their new logo would be revealed, I was afraid the branding was headed in a direction that would turn off the rank and file of the craft beer community in an effort to appeal to the ever-growing crowd of those who are recent wine converts - I am happy to say, I was wrong.

Kane Brewing did exactly the opposite of what I expected. They cleaned up, simplified and made the logo simply awesome. Personally, I always felt that Kane had a bit of an identity problem, something about the branding always made me feel like the only packaging it belonged in was 750ml, cork and cage bottles. The though of Head High IPA in cans just didn't seem to work. Even as recently as a few weeks ago, when talking about the NJ brewing scene with someone, and focussing mostly on Kane and Carton, I found myself referring to one of the two as the more fun, and more widely appealing brand - I feel like this re-brand can really transform that image.

I look forward to seeing what gets rolled out from Kane Brewing over the next few weeks, and we start to see the look and feel of the new labels and such. All that being said, whenever events of the day call for a positive post on New Jersey Craft Beer, (like Cube said) it was a good day.

And the last thing I'll leave you with is a look at just how good, the two young giants on the New Jersey craft beer scene (Kane Brewing and Carton Brewing) look next to each other. Trust me, you'll be hearing a lot more from these two in the years to come.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

CraftGeer Featured on DrinkwiththeWench.com

When we launched the CraftGeer brand earlier this year, one of our goals was to create glassware and apparel that the craft beer community would love - the entire craft beer community. That meant creating apparel that the millions of women who love craft beer would love to wear.

So last week, when one of the most- influential women in the craft-beer community said "But as much as I love the glassware, I love the shirts even more. My current favorite is the Drink Local tank top. It (is) long (women love the long shit), stretchy (women love the stretchy sh*t) and pretty damn flattering (women like to look good, yo)." 

We were truly flattered by those words from Ashley Routson on DrinkwiththeWench.com.

Definitely take a few minutes to check out the entire post from The Beer Wench, "CraftGeer: Making Beer Geeks Fashionable." And if you never have checked out DrinkwiththeWench.com, now is the perfect time to start - Ashley is one of the most informative and entertaining craft beer personalities on the web.

You can also find her on Twitter at @TheBeerWench and you can join her more than 23,000 followers on Instagram @TheBeerWench.