Tuesday, December 31, 2013

CraftGeer to Participate in 2014 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival

It's official, New Jersey's own craft-beer-centric and proper glassware company, CraftGeer will be at the 2014 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival.

The 2014 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival will be held Friday, April 4th and Saturday, April 5th at the Atlantic City Convention Hall.

"We're very excited to be a part of the AC (Atlantic City) Beer Fest," said Joe Simonovich, co-founder of CraftGeer. "We're a New Jersey company, and it's the biggest New Jersey beer event of the year - we really wanted to be there."

This year's Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival expects to welcome more than 24,000 beer lovers to the Garden State for three sessions. The festival will feature 125 brewers, 460 beers, nine bands, 10 pop-up restaurants, 104 vendors, six seminars and eight cooking demos.

The Atlantic City Beer Festival was founded in March 2006 by Good Time Tricycle, a local events and production company. In the first year, the fest welcomed just under 5,000 attendees over two days. The event tripled it's attendance by 2010 when they saw more than 17,000 attendees, making it one of the largest beer festivals in the United States.

CraftGeer will be offering their full line of apparel and glassware at the Atlantic City Beer Fest, plus a few new items especially for the event.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks and months for more announcements about upcoming events where you'll be able to find CraftGeer, and some more special announcements about CraftGeer at the 2014 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival.

Until then, check out this preview video for the 2014 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival with the event's founder, Jon Henderson (Jon's passion is truly infectious):

Tickets for the event are available exclusively through Ticketmaster.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

JERSEY (RE)FRESH: Kane Brewing Company's New Look

Okay, so yes, CraftGeer is an apparel and glassware company specifically for the craft-beer-loving community; but if we weren't actually passionate members of that craft-beer-loving community ourselves, we'd be nothing more than frauds - right?

So today's marriage of two things that I have passion for (NJ Craft Beer and branding), it inspired a CraftGeer Blog blog post which has little or nothing to actually do with CraftGeer or CraftGeer.com.

So when I saw this tweet today,

it was needless to say that even before clicking the link, I had preconceived ideas of the direction that Kane Brewing would be moving towards with the new logo. My gut told me that they would be making a move to further remove the brand from everything that is great right now in the craft beer community. My gut told me they would be moving to establish the look and feel of an "ultra-premium brand." Now don't get me wrong, everything coming out of the tanks in Ocean County is screaming for the craft beer world to pay attention to Kane, but in the three seconds that it took to load the Facebook post where their new logo would be revealed, I was afraid the branding was headed in a direction that would turn off the rank and file of the craft beer community in an effort to appeal to the ever-growing crowd of those who are recent wine converts - I am happy to say, I was wrong.

Kane Brewing did exactly the opposite of what I expected. They cleaned up, simplified and made the logo simply awesome. Personally, I always felt that Kane had a bit of an identity problem, something about the branding always made me feel like the only packaging it belonged in was 750ml, cork and cage bottles. The though of Head High IPA in cans just didn't seem to work. Even as recently as a few weeks ago, when talking about the NJ brewing scene with someone, and focussing mostly on Kane and Carton, I found myself referring to one of the two as the more fun, and more widely appealing brand - I feel like this re-brand can really transform that image.

I look forward to seeing what gets rolled out from Kane Brewing over the next few weeks, and we start to see the look and feel of the new labels and such. All that being said, whenever events of the day call for a positive post on New Jersey Craft Beer, (like Cube said) it was a good day.

And the last thing I'll leave you with is a look at just how good, the two young giants on the New Jersey craft beer scene (Kane Brewing and Carton Brewing) look next to each other. Trust me, you'll be hearing a lot more from these two in the years to come.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

CraftGeer Featured on DrinkwiththeWench.com

When we launched the CraftGeer brand earlier this year, one of our goals was to create glassware and apparel that the craft beer community would love - the entire craft beer community. That meant creating apparel that the millions of women who love craft beer would love to wear.

So last week, when one of the most- influential women in the craft-beer community said "But as much as I love the glassware, I love the shirts even more. My current favorite is the Drink Local tank top. It (is) long (women love the long shit), stretchy (women love the stretchy sh*t) and pretty damn flattering (women like to look good, yo)." 

We were truly flattered by those words from Ashley Routson on DrinkwiththeWench.com.

Definitely take a few minutes to check out the entire post from The Beer Wench, "CraftGeer: Making Beer Geeks Fashionable." And if you never have checked out DrinkwiththeWench.com, now is the perfect time to start - Ashley is one of the most informative and entertaining craft beer personalities on the web.

You can also find her on Twitter at @TheBeerWench and you can join her more than 23,000 followers on Instagram @TheBeerWench.

CraftGeer.com's Free CraftGeer Snifter with Apparel Purchase to Run Through 10/31

CraftGeer.com will extend the free snifter with every apparel purchase through 11:59PM PST on October 31st.

CraftGeer.com is trying to get everyone staying fresh in CraftGeer Geer and enjoying those big Winter beers from a CraftGeer Snifter.

While supplies last, for every hat, tee, tank or hoodie purchase, you'll receive a free CraftGeer Snifter (retail value $7.00 each). If you order two (2) tees and a hat, you receive three (3) free snifters; four (4) tees, four (4) free snifters and so on - until our allotment of snifters is gone.

The CraftGeer Snifter has quickly become one of the most-instagramed pieces of proper craft beer glassware on Instagram with more than 7,300 #craftgeer tagged picture shared this year.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog Wrap Up: Some Love for CraftGeer from Around the Web

After doing this whole CraftGeer thing for a solid seven months now, we're just finally getting a chance to catch our breath a bit.

Something that we've wanted to make sure we recognized since we launched the site, is the fact that there are so many great people out there who have come across CraftGeer and CraftGeer.com, and enjoyed their experience and our products enough to recognize CraftGeer on their blogs.

Going back through our notes, we found these three blogs that made mention of their experience with CraftGeer:

We were lucky enough to have the chance to meet Vin from BierBattered.com the first time we took the CraftGeer brand on the road at the Big Brew Beer Fest in Morristown, New Jersey. We always enjoy Vin's posts and reviews. If you have a chance, definitely check out his blog; and here are some other ways to keep up to date with him across social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bolanrox

Tasty Mug
About three weeks after she posted her piece on CraftGeer.com on TastyMug.com, I was finally able to reach out to Tasty Mug's Kelly personally and thank her for featuring the CraftGeer brand on her blog. We really enjoy the Tasty Mug, and if you have a few minutes, we think you'll find it worth your while to check out too. And here are a few other ways to check out some of the awesome things that Kelly is doing across social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tastymug

The Beer Barons
The Indiana Beer Barons are a very interesting group, and the blog is awesome. Since their are five people who make up the group, their is always fresh, new content. They even went as far as to give us a heads up about the CraftGeer post on Twitter before it went live (awesome touch). They do a cool job with their ratings and reviews along with so many other great craft-beer-related posts. If you're a craft beer fan, especially one from Indiana, you'll want to check out The Beer Barons. Because there are so many contributors, it wouldn't be fair to only list the contact info for on, so here is a link with info on how to get in touch with all of The Beer Barons across social media:

Contact The Beer Barons: http://beerbarons.blogspot.com/p/contact-us.html

As hard as we try to find everything out there, it is possible that we missed a post somewhere along the line. If you know of a blog post about CraftGeer that we may have missed, hit us up on Twitter at @craftgeer.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Real Women Campaign Adds Real Women

Maybe we rushed a little bit in order to make our new CraftGeer "Real Women Drink Craft Beer" apparel line up live and available on CraftGeer.com. We had a vision for how everything should come together to promote the new products, and somewhere along the line, in a hurry to get things onto the site, I created the promotional banner ad for items with "Real Women" in the name with stock art - and if anyone knows me, I always frown upon using stock art.

Luckily, within a period of about 18 hours, we have been able to correct our mistakes, and launch our first two Real Women Drink Craft Beer banners, with "real women."

We would like to thank Lauren (@LaurenTap42 on Instagram) and Morgan (@Morgan_LHB on Twitter) from the Left Hand Brewing Taproom for agreeing to let us share two of their pics as part of our banners on CraftGeer.com.

Now that we're talking about real women drinking craft beer, we'd like to see your best CraftGeer selfie. If you'd like to see your picture as part of the CraftGeer Real Women Drink Craft Beer Campaign, simply share a picture of yourself enjoying a great craft beer on Instagram and tag it with both #realwomendrinkcraftbeer and #craftgeer and we'll pick someone new at least every other to be featured on a CraftGeer.com banner (and we'll send you a couple of cool things for helping us out).

We look forward to seeing what you're drinking. Cheers!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Introducing The Real Women Drink Craft Beer Collection Exclusively from CraftGeer

Even we designed the first products for CraftGeer, we focused on having tees and tanks designed specifically for women. We had noticed that the selection of clothing available for the women of the craft beer community ranged from the good, to the uncomfortable, to men's tees in a size small, to designs that were downright offensive.

When our first designs started to get out there, one of the social media hashtags we saw them shared with over and over again was #realwomendrinkcraft; and since we already knew that real women do drink craft beer - the Real Women Drink Craft Beer Collection was born.

Check out the Real Women Drink Craft Beer Collection now on CraftGeer.com.

Get a Free CraftGeer Snifter with Every Apparel Purchase at CraftGeer.com

For a limited time, CraftGeer.com is trying to get everyone staying fresh in CraftGeer Geer and enjoying those big Winter beers from a CraftGeer Snifter.

While supplies last, for every hat, tee, tank or hoodie purchase, you'll receive a free CraftGeer Snifter (retail value $7.00 each). If you order two (2) tees and a hat, you receive three (3) free snifters; four (4) tees, four (4) free snifters and so on - until our allotment of snifters is gone.

The CraftGeer Snifter has quickly become one of the most-photographed pieces proper craft beer glassware on Instagram with more than 7,100 #craftgeer tagged picture shared this year.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

UPDATE: CraftGeer Set to Attend 2013 Epic Beer Festival in Philadelphia


CraftGeer, best known for creating quality apparel and glassware for the craft-beer-loving community and offering it online at CraftGeer.com, will be a vendor at the November 2, 2013 Epic Beer Festival in Philadelphia.

More details will follow over the next few weeks, but CraftGeer will be at the Epic Beer Festival in Philadelphia offering their full line of men's and women's apparel to festival attendees (the sale of glassware is prohibited by the event's organizers).

Here are the details on the Epic Beer Festival in Philadelphia:

Date:            Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sessions:     1PM - 4PM (VIP at 12PM)
                    7PM - 10PM (VIP at 6PM)

Location:     Pennsylvania Convention Center
                    Hall F (Enter doors @ 11th & Arch)
                    1101 Arch Street
                    Philadelphia, Pa 19107

Click here for tickets.

CraftGeer Debuts Brand at Morristown, New Jersey's Big Brew Beer Fest

This past weekend, the CraftGeer.com team took their apparel and glassware products offline for the first time ever as they hit the Big Brew Beer Fest in their own backyard in Morristown, New Jersey.

"Honestly, I barely slept for the week leading up to the event," said Joe Simonovich, co-founder of CraftGeer. "I want people to embrace the brand, and when you're representing your own brand in front of people, you really want them to like you."

From the turnout at the CraftGeer booth, it seemed like the first event for the CraftGeer team.

"It was a lot of fun," said Jenn Polino, co-founder of CraftGeer. "We got to meet a lot of people, and it was especially exciting to see how many of them actually knew about CraftGeer - some were even wearing tees from us (pictured above)."

All in all, the CraftGeer team determined that their first beer fest was a success, and already have more events planned for the coming months.

"Over the next few weeks, we'll be making some announcements on where we're coming next," said Simonovich. "We're excited for all of the events that we've signed up to become part of, and we're even more excited to get out there and become an even bigger part of the craft beer community."

CraftGeer Now Accepting International Orders Only Through PayPal

Since we launched CraftGeer.com in March of 2013, we have not tried to hide the fact that the International Craft Beer Community has embraced the CraftGeer brand, as a matter of fact, we have been very proud of the fact that our products have been ordered from places like Brazil, Netherlands, England, Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Germany, and more places that I know I am leaving out. We love the fact that CraftGeer, our Denville, New Jersey based start-up has fans rocking our ‘Geer’ on 6 continents (time step up your craft beer game Antarctica).

In many ways, this announcement that CraftGeer.com will only accept PayPal for orders placed outside the United States from today on is a good thing. It means that CraftGeer is looking out for you, our customers, insuring that when you place an order on our site, the item you want is in stock, and hasn’t been sent out to someone who may not be purchased it due to the fact that they are a member of our craft-beer-loving community.

All of that being said, effective immediately, all orders with billing or shipping addresses outside the United States which use a credit card on CraftGeer.com will be rejected – only orders using PayPal as payment method will be processed on our site. As has always been the case, all orders shipping internationally will ship via USPS International Priority Mail, and you will be billed the actual cost of shipping. We use USPS International Priority Mail exclusively for our international customers, due to the fact that it is traceable by the customer from start to finish.

If anyone would like a further explanation international shipping policy, please contact our customer service team – we’ll be glad to explain this policy in further detail.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CraftGeer featured on BeerBuddha.com

Just wanted to give a big shout out to The Beer Buddha over at TheBeerBuddha.com for showing some love for CraftGeer.

It truly feels great to find out the people of the craft beer community, like The Buddha really like what we're doing at CraftGeer.com.

To check out the post about CraftGeer, head over to TheBeerBuddha.com - and while you're there, check out all of the other great stuff from the New Orleans craft beer community.

And Buddha, next time we're in New Orleans, we're counting on you for a first-hand tour of the craft beer community on Bourbon Street and beyond.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

THE LOGO TANK from CraftGeer

The number one request we had from from female CraftGeer.com customers we received in our first two months of having the site live was; what about a tank top?

So we figured, the only way to answer those request was to simply, create a tank top - introducing THE LOGO TANK from CraftGeer.

THE LOGO TANK is black, with a white imprint of the CraftGeer Hops and Crossbones logo (slightly distressed). It is made up of 57% cotton, 38% polyester and 5% spandex. It has 40 singles for extreme softness.

THE LOGO TANK is the perfect Summertime addition to any craft beer loving woman's wardrobe. It is available in sizes S-2XL, and the sizes run slightly small, so it might be a good idea to go up one size when ordering.

And remember, THE LOGO TANK from CraftGeer is available exclusively at CraftGeer.com.

Meet THE LOGO TEE from CraftGeer

The idea behind the CraftGeer, Hops and Crossbones logo was that no matter what, it could stand alone, and be recognized. Besides the widely photographed, and shared CraftGeer Snifter, THE LOGO TEE is the best example of the logo standing unmistakably alone.

The men's version of THE LOGO TEE features the CraftGeer Hops and Crossbones logo (slightly distressed) on heather charcoal, crewneck t-shirt. It is preshrunk, 65% polyester and 35% cotton sheer jersey with 40 singles for extreme softness. Inside is the screened CraftGeer tag featuring the logo and #craftgeer hashtag. This shirt runs slightly small, so you may want to purchase a size larger than normal.

The women's version of THE LOGO TEE also features the CraftGeer Hops and Crossbones logo (slightly distressed), however this one is on a dark gray tee, and has the easy comfort of a men's tee, but with a flattering cut.It is preshrunk 100% combed cotton jersey with 32 singles for extreme softness. Inside is the screened CraftGeer tag featuring the logo and #craftgeer hashtag. This shirt runs slightly small, so you may want to purchase a size larger than normal. 

Both the men's and women's versions of THE LOGO TEE from CraftGeer make the perfect addition to any craft beer lovers' wardrobe - and we guarantee, you won't be able to go to your favorite bar, bottle shop or brewery without someone asking you about it.

THE LOGO TEE from CraftGeer is available in sizes S-XXL, and are currently available exclusively on CraftGeer.com.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Introducing CraftGeer Rewards - Get 3% Back on Every CraftGeer.com Order

We try to express with every CraftGeer order just how much we appreciate our CraftGeer.com customers - now we want to show.

We're introducing CraftGeer Rewards. With CraftGeer Rewards, you'll earn 3% back on every CraftGeer.com order. So for every dollar you spend, you'll earn 3 CraftGeer Rewards points. These points can be used on any future CraftGeer.com order.

In addition to earning CraftGeer Reward Points for placing orders, you can also earn points for doing the following things:
  • Earn Double Points when you purchase a polo shirt or hoodie on CraftGeer.com
  • Earn 100 points when you write a Product Review on CraftGeer.com for an item you have purchased
  • Earn 300 points when you refer someone who places an order
All you need to do to start earning is to create a CraftGeer account when making a purchase, if you've already created one, you've already earned points.

Note - if you placed an order with CraftGeer before we switched to our new site (during February or early March), you will see the points you earned added to your account in the next few days - we didn't forget about you.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More CraftGeer is on the Way

Before we say anything else, we first want to say thank you. Thank you for making the first few weeks of CraftGeer.com's existence a huge success. It's only because you have accepted us into the craft beer community that we know we're going to be able to bring you big things from CraftGeer for a long time to come.

All that being said, you have probably noticed that, at the moment, the selection of sizes and glassware selection on CraftGeer.com is either limited or non-existent (that's right, we're even out of THE SNIFTER from CraftGeer). The acceptance of CraftGeer has been overwhelming, we went through what was projected to be a 30-day supply of snifters in eight days - but we've adjusted, and have more products on the way.

Here's a little preview of what you can expect from CraftGeer over the next week or so:
  • More of THE SNIFTER from CraftGeer 
  • The new MASON BETTA from CraftGeer (Mason Jar)
  • More sizes and updated colors in the tees you already love
  • More tee shirt styles and designs (including v-neck tees)
  • Women's Tank Tops and Tees
  • Another, yet unnamed glass from CraftGeer
Now remember, this isn't stuff that we have in the works over the next six months, everything on this list will be in stock, and available online by the end of next week.

We appreciate your patience while we make inventory adjustments, and our vendors adjust to our needs. If you'd like to be among the first to know when all of these new items arrive, sign up for our mailing list at CraftGeer.com.

Thanks for your support, we truly appreciate it.

Joe and Jenn
Co-Founders, CraftGeer

Monday, March 25, 2013

CraftGeer.com Now Accepting PayPal

Well, we launched the new version of CraftGeer.com in mid-March, and we had two development goals to hit before the end of the month; accept PayPal as a form of payment and enable USPS International Priority Mail as a shipping option.

As of this moment, we can say that we are halfway there - CraftGeer.com now accepts PayPal (and we should be creating another post that says we now ship via USPS International Priority Mail by this time tomorrow).

So if it was the fact that CraftGeer.com didn't accept PayPal that was stopping you from becoming a member of the CraftGeer Family, you can now cross that off your list. And if it was the fact that THE SNIFTER from CraftGeer has been out of stock - that will be back this Wednesday (3/27).

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Currently Out of Stock - THE SNIFTER from CraftGeer

THE SNIFTER from CraftGeer will be back in stock on Wednesday, March 27, 2013.

Okay, we're sorry. What can we say? You guys really love THE SNIFTER from CraftGeer, you love it so much that you've totally wiped out our entire inventory of them just seven days after launching the brand new CraftGeer.com.

So the good news is, more snifters are due in by the end of next week, and the even better news is that CraftGeer.com still has a great selection of Men's Geer, Women's Geer and the greatest fitted hat, made specifically for craft beer lovers, available anywhere.

If you'd like to know as soon as the next shipment of THE SNIFTER from CraftGeer follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram at @craftgeer.

Thanks so much for your overwhelming support for CraftGeer.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

CraftGeer featured on MyBeerBuzz.com

Just want to say thanks to the team over at MyBeerBuzz.com for their recent post on CraftGeer and the launch of CraftGeer.com.

MyBeerBuzz.com has been one of our favorite craft beer blogs, since it's launch in 2008. We love the fact that they have a very simple mission: "Bringing Good Beers and Good People Together." They also have a special place with me, as they have spread their love and knowledge of craft beer throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania - the area where I grew up.

To check out MyBeerBuzz.com's post on the launch of CraftGeer.com, click here: CraftGeer.com - The World's First Lifestyle Brand for Craft Beer

For the sake of full disclosure, I want to let you know that we did include Bil of MyBeerBuzz.com in a mailing of CraftGeer products to members of the craft beer, social media community. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The New CraftGeer.com is Now Live

After about two months of hard work, and selling a ton of CraftGeer Snifter Glasses on a site we weren't too proud of, the brand new CraftGeer.com is finally live.

CraftGeer is the world's first premium lifestyle brand, aimed solely at the craft-beer-loving community. CraftGeer.com offers high-quality men's and women's "geer," which now includes t-shirts, polos and "headgeer." CraftGeer.com also features the iconic GraftGeer snifter glass, which has gained popularity by many early purchasers have been sharing with their craft-beer-loving friends by using the hashtag #craftgeer on Instagram and Twitter.

CraftGeer.com is the brainchild of the husband and wife team of Joe Simonovich and Jennifer Polino. The two love craft beer and the craft-beer community so much, they gave those leaving their wedding in 2010 the gift of a 750ml bottle of a custom-brewed wit beer, made using their favorite coffee, Peet's Major Dickason's Blend.

"CraftGeer is not a site put up to make a quick buck selling a few cheap shirts and subpar glassware," said CraftGeer co-founder, Jennifer Polino. "CraftGeer is a brand built to stay, we're already looking into 100% custom glassware designs, and some Spring and Summer, casual apparel choices that will really make people take notice."

Keep Calm and Add Hops, THE BREWMASTER TEE from CraftGeer

It seems like everyone has a shirt that let's you know you should keep calm and do something.

Seeing that the "Keep Calm" concept still works, we figured we should probably make it better - we should probably make it an awesome shirt that we would wear.

We took the trademarked CraftGeer Hops and Crossbones logo, and put it atop words to live by, pretty much a way for every homebrewer to keep their head when all around you are losing there's and blaming it on you - KEEP CALM AND ADD HOPS.

We can't think of better advice than that, and if the first time you add hops doesn't work, add more hops.

THE BREWMASTER TEE from CraftGeer is available for both men and women, the men's version is heather charcoal with a white distressed imprint, it is available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. The women's version is pink t-shirt with a white distressed imprint, it is available in sizes S, M, L, XL and 2XL (women's sizes run slightly small). THE BREWMASTER TEE from CraftGeer are $22.00 each ($23.00 each for XXL and 2XL).

For this design, and more great CraftGeer Products, visit CraftGeer.com.