Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog Wrap Up: Some Love for CraftGeer from Around the Web

After doing this whole CraftGeer thing for a solid seven months now, we're just finally getting a chance to catch our breath a bit.

Something that we've wanted to make sure we recognized since we launched the site, is the fact that there are so many great people out there who have come across CraftGeer and, and enjoyed their experience and our products enough to recognize CraftGeer on their blogs.

Going back through our notes, we found these three blogs that made mention of their experience with CraftGeer:
We were lucky enough to have the chance to meet Vin from the first time we took the CraftGeer brand on the road at the Big Brew Beer Fest in Morristown, New Jersey. We always enjoy Vin's posts and reviews. If you have a chance, definitely check out his blog; and here are some other ways to keep up to date with him across social media:


Tasty Mug
About three weeks after she posted her piece on on, I was finally able to reach out to Tasty Mug's Kelly personally and thank her for featuring the CraftGeer brand on her blog. We really enjoy the Tasty Mug, and if you have a few minutes, we think you'll find it worth your while to check out too. And here are a few other ways to check out some of the awesome things that Kelly is doing across social media:


The Beer Barons
The Indiana Beer Barons are a very interesting group, and the blog is awesome. Since their are five people who make up the group, their is always fresh, new content. They even went as far as to give us a heads up about the CraftGeer post on Twitter before it went live (awesome touch). They do a cool job with their ratings and reviews along with so many other great craft-beer-related posts. If you're a craft beer fan, especially one from Indiana, you'll want to check out The Beer Barons. Because there are so many contributors, it wouldn't be fair to only list the contact info for on, so here is a link with info on how to get in touch with all of The Beer Barons across social media:

Contact The Beer Barons:

As hard as we try to find everything out there, it is possible that we missed a post somewhere along the line. If you know of a blog post about CraftGeer that we may have missed, hit us up on Twitter at @craftgeer.

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