Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Real Women Campaign Adds Real Women

Maybe we rushed a little bit in order to make our new CraftGeer "Real Women Drink Craft Beer" apparel line up live and available on CraftGeer.com. We had a vision for how everything should come together to promote the new products, and somewhere along the line, in a hurry to get things onto the site, I created the promotional banner ad for items with "Real Women" in the name with stock art - and if anyone knows me, I always frown upon using stock art.

Luckily, within a period of about 18 hours, we have been able to correct our mistakes, and launch our first two Real Women Drink Craft Beer banners, with "real women."

We would like to thank Lauren (@LaurenTap42 on Instagram) and Morgan (@Morgan_LHB on Twitter) from the Left Hand Brewing Taproom for agreeing to let us share two of their pics as part of our banners on CraftGeer.com.

Now that we're talking about real women drinking craft beer, we'd like to see your best CraftGeer selfie. If you'd like to see your picture as part of the CraftGeer Real Women Drink Craft Beer Campaign, simply share a picture of yourself enjoying a great craft beer on Instagram and tag it with both #realwomendrinkcraftbeer and #craftgeer and we'll pick someone new at least every other to be featured on a CraftGeer.com banner (and we'll send you a couple of cool things for helping us out).

We look forward to seeing what you're drinking. Cheers!

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