Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CraftGeer Now Accepting International Orders Only Through PayPal

Since we launched CraftGeer.com in March of 2013, we have not tried to hide the fact that the International Craft Beer Community has embraced the CraftGeer brand, as a matter of fact, we have been very proud of the fact that our products have been ordered from places like Brazil, Netherlands, England, Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Germany, and more places that I know I am leaving out. We love the fact that CraftGeer, our Denville, New Jersey based start-up has fans rocking our ‘Geer’ on 6 continents (time step up your craft beer game Antarctica).

In many ways, this announcement that CraftGeer.com will only accept PayPal for orders placed outside the United States from today on is a good thing. It means that CraftGeer is looking out for you, our customers, insuring that when you place an order on our site, the item you want is in stock, and hasn’t been sent out to someone who may not be purchased it due to the fact that they are a member of our craft-beer-loving community.

All of that being said, effective immediately, all orders with billing or shipping addresses outside the United States which use a credit card on CraftGeer.com will be rejected – only orders using PayPal as payment method will be processed on our site. As has always been the case, all orders shipping internationally will ship via USPS International Priority Mail, and you will be billed the actual cost of shipping. We use USPS International Priority Mail exclusively for our international customers, due to the fact that it is traceable by the customer from start to finish.

If anyone would like a further explanation international shipping policy, please contact our customer service team – we’ll be glad to explain this policy in further detail.

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